Thursday, June 13, 2024
Thursday, June 13, 2024

These 10 Unique Eco Cabins Around the World Are Perfect For a Cozy Weekend Trip


Staying in an eco cabin or cottage — whether for a weekend or entire week — is an accessible, comfy, and cozy way to enjoy nature. Here are 10 to check out.

No matter what time of year it is, there’s nothing quite like heading to a cozy cabin and spending a weekend (or entire week) disconnecting from your everyday life. Staying in a remote cabin or cottage makes spending time in nature comfy and accessible. 

Guess what? You can also do this sustainably. In this article, we’ll cover what eco cabins are, where to find them, and ten unique eco cabins you’ll love to stay in. 

What Are Eco Cabins? 

Eco cabins (and cottages) are cabins that are built and maintained in an eco-friendly way. This often means that they are built using sustainable, natural, and local materials such as reclaimed wood. 

Since eco cabins are typically in remote areas, protecting the natural environment is important. Eco cabins will implement eco-friendly measures to continue to conserve the surroundings like reusing rainwater to reduce water waste or composting to maintain an organic garden. 

Eco friendly cabins will often be “off the grid” meaning they don’t get their power from traditional sources. Most eco cabins will have solar panels or use other renewable ways of getting electricity. Eco cabins will get heating from natural sources, like wood-burning fireplaces. Some won’t have any electricity or running water. 

Overall, eco-friendly cottages and cabins have a lower carbon footprint than traditional cabins and homes. Not only is this better for the environment, but building eco cabins is often more cost-effective as well. 

Where to Find Eco Cabins and Cottages

If you’re trying to book an eco cottage or cabin, there are two things to know. You’ll first need to know what terms to look for to determine if a cabin is eco-friendly and then you’ll need to know reputable places to find eco cabins. We’ve got you covered on both below. 

What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Cabin

Many remote, off-the-grid cabins, are already eco-friendly but the following things should be addressed if a cabin is eco friendly: 

  • Electricity: Eco cabins should rely on renewable energy sources like solar panels to get power. 
  • Heating: Look for cabins that rely on wood stoves or fireplaces for heat versus central electric heating (as tempting as that is). If it’s summertime, its best if a cabin is opting for lower impact cooling methods like fans. 
  • Waste: Eco cabins will most likely compost and they’ll definitely have recycling. 
  • Water: Look for cabins that state how they limit or reuse water consumption. 
  • Building Materials: Eco cabins are typically made from upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, or natural materials. Ideally the materials are locally sourced. 
  • Locally Owned: Make sure that whatever accommodation you’re booking is locally owned. Try to avoid booking from major property companies unless they are sustainably run. 

Lastly, many eco cabins may have other sustainable elements like a local garden or vintage & upcycled furniture. Whatever cabin you choose, it should be clear what sustainable measures are being taken to ensure this is an eco-friendly eco-friendly accommodation option. 

Where to Book Eco friendly Cabins

There are several great places to find eco cabins or cottages worldwide. Below are some fantastic trusted sustainable platforms.

Note that this guide includes affiliate links, meaning we may earn a commission if you choose to book through these links. As always, featured accommodations are places that meet high sustainability standards and are places we love — and that we think you’ll love too!

The Potting Shed: Unique Hideaways

Location: Staffordshire, UK

Price: $122-$158 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Onsight Garden & Farm, Wood-burning Stove, Solar Panels, Reuses Water

This quaint and picturesque cabin is the perfect place for those looking for a relaxing getaway without being too off grid. Here you’ll find three separate cabins on a small farm in the English countryside. 

It’s the ideal backdrop for a sustainable retreat and exactly what I picture an English cottage to look like. This one-bedroom cabin has an outdoor tub, patio, outdoor grill, and bikes available. 

“La Cabañita” Earthen Home in Andalucía: Airbnb

Location: Nijar, Spain

Price: $92 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Wood-burning Fireplace, Solar Powered Energy & Heating, Energy-efficient Appliances

This stunning cabin is a beach lover’s dream, as it’s just a few minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in Cabo de Gata Natural Park. You have complete privacy here, nestled inside the park while still being a short drive to nearby villages and beaches. 

This luxe one-bedroom cabin boasts panoramic windows, a patio, an outdoor shower, wifi, and unforgettable mountain views.

Casa Hobbitt Ecoresidential Landscape: Airbnb

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Price: $65 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Natural Building Materials, Solar Heating, Reuses Water, Organic Garden, Biofiltration

Casa Hobbitt provides an incredibly unique and secluded getaway in the countryside of Puebla. This two-bedroom cabin is fully built from natural materials and it’s as sustainable as it is quirky. 

You can cook dinner with ingredients fresh from the garden and then cozy up at the outdoor fire pit and enjoy the views. This is the perfect place to stay if you want to experience a unique cabin and explore the gorgeous nature nearby. 

Wee Tiny Cabin: Airbnb

Location: Austinville, Australia

Price: $286 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Antique Furnishings, Reclaimed Building Materials, Composting Toilet, Solar Powered, Wifi-Free

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, Pinterest perfect eco cabin, then this is it. Located on a farm just outside of Springbrook National Park, this cabin provides the ideal sustainable Australian getaway. 

The waterfront, one-bedroom cabin is creekside with an outdoor eco-friendly wood fired hot tub made from cedar wood. There’s also an outdoor kitchen and fire so you can cozy up on the porch while you cook dinner. 

Waterfront Off The Grid Cabin: Airbnb

Location: Hastings, Canada

Price: $206 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Fully Off-Grid, Battery Powered Lanterns, Sustainable Outhouse, Wood-Heating

This beautiful, waterfront two-bedroom cabin in Ontario is surrounded by hiking trails to enjoy during the summer or snowshoe around in during the winter. The cabin even comes with its own dock and canoe so you can swim in the lake during your stay. 

Soak up the stars while using the outdoor fire pit or cook dinner on the deck with the outdoor kitchen. On cold nights, you can snuggle up indoors and make use of the wood-burning fireplace. 

Treehouse in the Woods: Airbnb

Location: Hardwick, Vermont, USA

Price: $248 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Recycled & Local Building Materials, Upcycled Furnishings, Composting Toilet, Solar Electricity, Composting

The Treehouse in the Woods is an incredibly stylish and unique treehouse cabin where you can disconnect from the city and reconnect with the woods. The loft cabin has two beds, a hammock, and a fire pit.

You can sit on the deck and watch the passing stream or lounge on the couch with a book in front of the wood-burning fireplace. The owners live on the property in a nearby house with wifi and a hot shower if you want it, but you still have complete privacy. 

Thimble Lodge: Holiday Cottages

Location: Cornwall, UK

Price: $586- $1046 per week

Sustainable Highlights: Natural Building Materials, Wood-burning Heating, Natural Furnishings

If you’re looking for a dreamy eco log house, then look no further than the Thimble Lodge in Cornwall. Handcrafted, and featuring incredible valley views, this is one of the most picturesque eco-friendly log cabins you’ll find. The cabin is located on a 36-acre property perfect for exploring. 

The one-bedroom cabin has a spacious outdoor patio with a dining area where you can enjoy a glass of wine with a view. Inside the cabin you have a wood-burning indoor fireplace and bathroom, with a separate cabin for the shower and kitchen. 

Strawbale Cottage: Airbnb

Location: White Salmon, Washington

Price: $145 per night

Sustainable Highlights: Solar Power, Composting Toilet, Gives Back, Built With Natural Materials, Sustainable Furnishings

This beautiful handcrafted eco cottage is on a family-run property in the idyllic Columbia River Gorge. There are three lofted two-bedroom cottages throughout the property, which can all be rented. 

Each cottage is made from straw bale and insulated with sheep’s wool. They come with private patios where you can enjoy sweeping views of Mount Hood, as well as a shared fire pit and outdoor kitchen. You can cook with the well water and locally-grown produce. 

Tiny House at Cotopaxi National Park: Airbnb

Location: Machachi, Ecuador

Price: $150 per night

Sustainable Highlights: ​​Conserves Natural Environment, Pollinator Garden, Solar Powered, Composting Toilet

Nestled outside of Cotopaxi National Park you’ll find a gorgeous tiny lofted cabin to enjoy for an ideal peaceful getaway. The cabin is completely isolated on a 22 acre reserve close to mountains and volcanoes to explore. 

This eco cabin comes with panoramic windows and a large front deck. You can soak up the mountain views during the day and the stars at night. Enjoy the wood-burning outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace on cold nights. 

Getaway House

Location: 20+ locations across the USA

Price: Depends on location (Take 25% off with code CONSCIOUSLIFE) 

Sustainable Highlights: Sustainable Amenities, Limited Water, Gives Back, Wifi-Free, Energy Efficient Lighting 

If you’re located in the US and thinking, ‘where can I find eco cabins near me,’ then Getaway House is the best option for you. They have 20+ outposts throughout the United States which makes it easy to find an eco cabin nearby. 

All of their secluded tiny eco cabins are fully equipped with a gorgeous panoramic window, outdoor fire pit, and picnic table. Nestled in the woods, Getaway’s cabins make it easy to fully disconnect and go offline. 

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